Triangle Queen


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Triangle Kush x Queen of the South


13 seeds in a pack

**Buy any 2 pack of Relentless Genetics Packs with this promotion listed and get 3 Relentless Freebies or buy any 3 Relentless Genetics packs with this promotion listed and get 5 Relentless Freebies.**

Freebie Options (all freebies are REGS):

  • Orange Dawg f2 (Orange Dawg x Orange Dawg)
  • Purple Valley Grape (818sfv OG x Purple Bomb)
  • Chookies (GSC x Cherry Cookies f2)
  • Merlot Glue (Gorilla Glue 4 x Purple Bomb)
  • Super Lemon Haze x Banana OG bx1
  • 818sfv OG x Fire Cookies
  • Kandicrackerz (Starfighter x Relentless OG)
  • Legend Haze (Legend OG x Super Silver Haze f3)
  • 818og Haze (818sfv OG x SSH f3)
  • Orange Glue (Gorilla Glue 4 x Agent Orange)
  • Orange Cookies (GSC Forum cut x Agent Orange)
  • PK Stunna (Purple Kush sr71 x #1 stunna f2)
  • G33 x R.OG (Gelato 33 x Relentless OG)
  • OVOG x QOTS (Orange Valley OG x Queen of the South)
  • PK x RF3 (Purple Kush x Rozay F3)
  • PU x RF3 (Purple Urkle x Rozay F3)
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